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A Good Man in China

The 2011 Chinese film, Guo Mingyi, A Good Man, won critical acclaim for its portrayal of the life of an ordinary highway administrator with an extraordinary dedication to helping others. This textbook with accompanying DVD presents a new and innovative approach to Chinese language teaching based on this moving film.

A Good Man in China closely follows the storyline and conveys the values of the hero, Guo Mingyi. It consists of eight lessons with corresponding film extracts. Each lesson has been structured in a clear, consistent way with reading and listening exercises as well as useful sections on colloquial expressions, cultural understanding and vocabulary. Applying the film medium to language learning, this approach provides teachers with a flexible, unique set of written and audio-visual materials that cover the language aspects of the curriculum while also presenting insights into the values of Chinese culture.

Using film as a tool for language learning, this textbook is a great resource for enhancing Chinese language teaching and will be invaluable for teachers and students of Chinese at an intermediate level.
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