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Myofascial Induction™ 2-volume set

An Anatomical Approach to Fascial Dysfunction
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In these unique and lavishly illustrated books and their accompanying videos, the practitioner can for the first time see the effect of manual interventions on underlying body structures.

Using over 700 photographs and diagrams these volumes reveal fascial architecture to the reader in all its glory, and sets out the principles and practice of Myofascial Induction. The author's own teaching and practice provide the material that explains and illustrates fascial anatomy and therapeutic procedures. The beautiful full color photographs and videos of dissections of non-embalmed cadavers show the continuity of the fascial system and its dynamic links to other body systems. By demonstrating the effect that therapy has on body structures the book will be of interest and practical value to the physical therapist, osteopath, chiropractor, physician and all bodyworkers dedicated to manual therapy, as well as to researchers wishing to build on this ground-breaking material.

Volume 1 covers the science and principles of Myofascial Induction and its applications to the upper body. Volume 2 addresses its applications to the thoracic and lumbar spine, the pelvis, and the lower body.
  • Published: Sep 21 2023
  • Pages: 528
  • 224 x 284mm
  • ISBN: 9781909141322
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