Collection: David Lobenstine

David M Lobenstine, BA, LMT, BCTMB, has been massaging, teaching, writing and editing for over fifteen years. He is a licensed massage therapist, and a graduate of Vassar College and the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences. He has massaged across the gamut - from the US Open Tennis Tournament to a hospice, from a wellness center to too many spas to count - and now feels very fortunate to run his own private practice in New York City, Full Breath Massage. His work is a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial; each session is built around facilitating the client's full, easy breath, and facilitating the client's own somatic awareness. David was certified in Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy soon after graduating from massage school, and has been gestating his own work, with mamas at all stages of the parenting journey, ever since. He was a teaching assistant for both Carole Osborne and Linda Hickey for over a decade, and he is now an authorized teacher of the Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy workshops. David feels the glorious challenge, and a continual honor, to work with clients across pregnancy and into the postpartum period, to facilitate a process that he will never experience himself. He can empathize, but not embody, that experience, which encourages him to listen more and assume less, and makes him a more effective therapist for each and every client. When he is not working with pre- and perinatal clients, or teaching other therapists to do so, he also designs and teaches his own continuing education workshops, both around the country and online, at Body Brain Breath. His aim, for his clients and students and readers, is to encourage us all to inhabit our bodies more fully, so that we can do the things we love with greater ease and effectiveness. Find him at and