Collection: Georg Harrer

Dr Georg Harrer holds a doctorate from the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna; is a specialist in anesthetics and intensive care, and a general practitioner. In addition to his medical studies, he completed a postgraduate training in osteopathy at the Vienna School of Osteopathy (WSO). In 1997 he met Stephen Typaldos when the latter was invited by the WSO to hold one of his first ever Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) courses outside the USA. The concept of FDM fascinated Dr Harrer and so he visited Dr Typaldos in his clinic in Bangor, Maine the following year. From this initial contact there developed a lasting personal friendship between the two, and this provided the setting for detailed and continuing discussions on FDM and patient care. Dr. Harrer assisted in numerous FDM courses in Europe and helped translate the third edition of Typaldos' FDM book into German. In 2001 Dr Typaldos accredited him as a teacher FDM. Over the years Dr Harrer has given hundreds of FDM seminars - mainly in Europe, but also in Africa and the USA. In 2006 he founded the European FDM Association (EFDMA) and became its first President. In 2011 he was President of the 5th FDM World Congress in Vienna. Dr Harrer is a board member of FDM-GO, the Global FDM Association. Dr Harrer has written contributions on the subject of FDM for several textbooks in the field of osteopathy and fascia. In addition to his international teaching activities, Dr. Harrer runs a medical practice, specializing in FDM, in Vienna, Austria.