Collection: Josephine Key

Josephine Key is a neuro-musculo-skeletal physiotherapist with over 45 years in clinical practice - of which the last 30 years or so have been devoted to seeking a better understanding of the spine in health - and its dis-ease. She gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy from Sydney University in 1984. The evolution of her model of care, The Key Moves® Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement, is the result of evaluating and integrating the available movement and neuroscience; the ample evidence gleaned from clinical practice; the exploration and evaluation of various movement disciplines (Body Mind Centering; various forms of Yoga; Somatics; Feldenkrais; Pilates; Gyrotonic, streams within the fitness industry) - for what they offer in terms of healthy spinal control - or otherwise. Josephine is increasingly exploring the felt sense of movement and the ability to exploit neuro-plastic change - 'retraining our brain' to organise healthier movement patterns and better biomechanics. She has developed and continues to refine classes for spinal health - to help clients move without pain and gain enhanced function. Presently, her practice conducts over 40 'Key Moves'® classes a week. This unique programme has been running for over 16 years. Central to it is the re-establishment of important key Fundamental Patterns of Control - which also provide a vehicle to access restrictions in the fascial system, help to rebalance the muscular and nervous systems and restore optimal joint and soft tissue loading, It represents a paradigm shift for exercise therapy for the spine - both therapeutic and preventative. Josephine has had a number of papers published on her work in the international peer reviewed journal, Bodywork and Movement Therapy. Her paper "The Core: Understanding it and retraining it'd dysfunction" was one of the journal's five most downloaded papers in 2014. She is the author of the text book BACK PAIN: A movement problem. A clinical approach incorporating relevant research and practice - published by Elsevier, Edinburgh in 2010. She has presented at the International World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain in 2007, 2010 & 2013; the Fascia Research Congress in 2009, 2012 & 2015; The Physiotherapy New Zealand Conference 2014. She conducts workshops nationally and internationally for physiotherapists and interdisciplinary manual therapists and movement teachers.