Collection: Suzanne Clements Martin

Suzanne Martin is recognized as an international expert in the field of human movement and potential. A doctor of physical therapy and a gold-certified Pilates expert, she is an international presenter, speaker, coach and mentor, as well as an award-winning author and DVD producer. Dr Martin's aesthetic for movement started in the visual arts and dance. With over 30 years of teaching experience, she blends art and science into her writing and instruction from the fine arts, health and movement fields. Her mission is to add value to people's lives both directly to the people she treats and to those who help with healing and performance enhancement. Her passion is to help those with chronic conditions that require lifelong learning and management such as professional and recreational performance, foot issues, spinal asymmetries, and cancer survivorship. As a performing arts specialist, Suzanne Martin has been a Wellness Consultant for Smuin Ballet for over 19 years. As Founder of Pilates Therapeutics LLC, an educational organization for movement instructors and therapists, her mission is to develop leaders by in-depth training and mentorship. Annual Specialization Mentoring Programs, host site teaching, and instructional DVDs (available for CE credit), featuring the therapeutic application of the Pilates Method and nutrition, are available worldwide. For further information and to see her teaching schedule, go to