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David Zulak MA, RMT has been a massage therapist since 1994, and an instructor since 1996. He has worked as an instructor, program director and curriculum writer for several massage therapy schools in Ontario, Canada. In the course of his teaching career, he has taught almost every course given at massage therapy schools however his focus and interest has always remained anatomy, treatments, techniques and orthopaedic assessment skills. A specific passion of his has been emphasizing and promoting the need for all massage therapists to have a good solid understanding of and facility with the skills involved in clinical assessment. David is the author of a number of articles published in the column Essentials of Assessment in Massage Therapy Canada. He also writes an occasional column for the same journal, called The Learning Curve, in which he discusses issues and trends in massage therapy education. David teaches seminars for practising massage therapists across Canada, as well as sustaining a busy clinical practice.