Collection: Louise Tremblay

Louise Tremblay's great interest has always been medicine. She studied acupuncture and has practised classical homeopathy for 20 years. Her interest in manual therapy started in 1996 with Bowen therapy. To understand the amazing results of Bowen, she studied osteopathy for six years. She also teaches Niromathe method with contagious enthusiasm. Her school AIMTC (International Academy of Contemporary Therapeutic Methods) is oriented in teaching modern manual therapies. Louise strongly believes that understanding human physiology is essential to the quality of the "moves" in any manual therapy. Studying physiology makes us realise that all manual therapists are in fact doing "the same", i.e. stimulating the central nervous system. Only techniques are different. However, to reach optimal efficiency with one technique, one must know the physiology behind it. Quality of move demands a quality of attitude from the therapists and a general quality of life. Louise travels the world, teaching in Canada, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, New-Zealand and Australia. Besides treating patients, teaching, researching, lecturing, writing and traveling, Louise also has passion for historical novels, for spicy cuisine inspired by many cultures, and especially for salmon fly fishing.