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Words that Touch

How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer - 12 Essential 'Clean Questions' for Mind/Body Therapists

In this practical guide, Nick Pole explains the philosophy and practice of Clean Language, a simple and highly effective way to facilitate mind/body communication in bodywork therapy. He explains how to use language to get to the heart of a client's physical problem, to engage the mind in the process of the body, and to create somatic change.

Words that Touch provides compelling theoretical explanations and practical case studies to describe the importance of language and relationships in the practice of mind/body therapies. Practitioners of yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, physiotherapy, The Feldenkrais Technique and more will find the guide transformative in increasing the connection with clients and developing their practice through language.
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Press reviews for: Words that Touch

Gillian Vincent, MFHT

International Therapist, Autumn 2017

At first read, I felt this book about the concept of clean language would be one I would refer to as and when I needed. But once I understood it more, I was hooked. I found it was well written and free flowing. I can see that it will give empowerment to clients during treatment sessions and beyond.

John Hamwee, acupuncturist and author of Zero Balancing, Intuitive Acupuncture and Acupuncture for New Practitioners

For all their skills in working with the body and its energies, few complementary practitioners pay careful attention to the language they use with their patients. With the help of this clear and compelling book they will be better able to practise the mind body medicine which they espouse.

Rosalie Dores, mindfulness teacher, supervisor & trainer

I had the sense as I was reading, that I was sitting at the feet of a great teacher: the body. Words That Touch provides an insightful, clear and practical guide for accessing somatic intelligence. A profoundly helpful book.

Judy Rees

Might be the best book on Clean Language so far...The practical examples are excellent, with transcripts that aren't boring or baffling. It provides a fascinating insight into how Nick thinks, as a shiatsu practitioner.

Carola Beresford-Cooke, author of Shiatsu Theory and Practice and co-founder of the Shiatsu College UK

Nicholas Pole offers bodyworkers a new skill in this clear and elegant book, showing that the words we use directly affect our clients' Qi as much as our touch. With simple "clean" questions we can help them reach into and resolve the origin of their own condition. A valuable resource.

Adan Hellinger MRSS(T)

Shiatsu Society Journal

Nick has produced this excellent book presenting his approach. It provides not only a clear and concise introduction to the world of Clean Language - and how it links with bodywork - but it also provides clear references to the theory behind this way of working. I felt the book to be an excellent introduction and guide to both the practical use and the theory of Clean Language and 'how to ask questions your body can answer'.

Ian McDermott, founder of International Teaching Seminars and UKCP certified psychotherapist

Nick Pole has performed a real service by showing how Clean Language is something everyone can use. It is a pleasure to see my late friend David Grove's work receiving such practical explication and application. This is a how-to manual suitable for anyone who wants to be better at working with the wisdom within each of us.

Peter den Dekker, Chi Kung instructor, acupuncturist and author of The Dynamics of Standing Still

Nick Pole has written an important and convincing book. Spoken language and body language have drifted apart. Words that Touch introduces how to make dialogue an integral part of bodywork. Without any doubt many therapists and teachers of bodywork will find inspiration and practical guidance in it.

David Feakes, MFHT

International Therapist, Autumn 2017

Nick Pole offers great techniques that can transform a consultation, making it easier for a client to be clearer about what they want. Some great case examples contextualise theory in practice, and the book makes for an informative and interesting read.

James Lawley & Penny Tompkins, authors of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling

Words that Touch gently balances the Ying and Yang of language and body, theory and practice with hundreds of stories, examples and personal anecdotes. Nick Pole's delightful book shows how Clean Language questions can transcend technique to become a way of being with another person's body and mind.

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