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Acupressure and Acupuncture during Birth

An Integrative Guide for Acupuncturists and Birth Professionals
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For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this book explains how yin/yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences as well as outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can shift and support the physical and emotional journey of birth and provide nonpharmacologic treatment approaches for commonly occurring disorders of labor such as malposition, asynclitism, slow cervical dilatation and inadequate contractions, as well as postpartum and post C-section care.

Accessible and engaging, the book includes an overview of Chinese medicine for women's health; information on what happens before, during and after birth from both a biomedical and Chinese medical perspective;and a toolkit of treatment strategies for birth work. The techniques described include acupressure, Tui Na (Chinese medical bodywork), needling, auricular acupressure and electrostimulation.
  • Published: Dec 19 2019
  • Pages: 352
  • 228 x 148mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193581
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Press Reviews

  • Sharon Weizenbaum Lic. Ac., Dipl CH

    Given that the world of Chinese medicine can seem a bit mystical and be quite mystifying, and the world of western medicine can be incomplete in its ability to address medical issues, Claudia Citkovitz's text is a complete breath of fresh air. Right away, before she even gets going on the actual book, she is giving useful, practical information. In the introduction she writes "I have compiled the list below of "low-hanging fruit." These are acupressure and other EAM techniques that can easily be applied in the moment, or taught to birth team members, without having to read the whole book." This is followed by a list of super easy to learn and fantastically effective techniques to improve labor. Of course, this just makes one want to read the book!
  • Jill Blakeway DACM, L.Ac. Author of Making Babies: A Proven Three Month Program for Maximum Fertility, Sex Again: Recharge Your Libido and Energy Medicine: The Science and Mystery of Healing

    Claudia Citkovitz combines extensive experience in obstetric medicine with a deep knowledge of East Asian Medicine and the result is a fascinating and practical book, which offers unique insight into the physiology and psychology of labor and delivery and explains how to support all stages of the birth journey, naturally and effectively. A must read for birth professionals of all disciplines.
  • Lisa Eng, DO, FACOG; founder of New Life Medical Esthetics & Wellness, PLLC and The Birthing Center of NY

    30 years of having the privilege of attending childbirth of thousands of women has taught me there is no one perfect way to birth a human. I am grateful we have moved back to some common sense and recognized women should be the center of this experience. When I met Dr. Claudia Citkovitz and her amazing team at Lutheran Medical Center (LMC), I was so excited and grateful LMC had the guts to allow us to offer acupuncture. We had the good fortune in the 90's to have a chair that believed in birthing rooms, childbirth classes, doulas, osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture before it became sexy and a marketing ploy for other hospitals. My patients were thrilled to have options beyond narcotics, epidurals and ambulation to assist labor progression and ultimately delivery. Every hospital CEO needs to offer acupuncture/acupressure/TCM to all patients because the traditional allopathic approach absolutely does not work in every situation and Dr. Citkovitz's textbook should illustrate just one department that can benefit. Dr. Citkovitz's treatise on acupressure and acupuncture during birth is a comprehensive and beautifully written guide. Her writing paints a picture of the patient, her progress, the path, the challenges and their possible solutions in what was for me a painless read! Her use of vignettes, case studies beautifully illustrates the development of diagnostic and treatment plans for patients - for the novice and the expert practitioner. I hope everybody reads this primer and guide - and begins to look at the body and birth through a new lens.
  • Debra Pascali-Bonaro, B.Ed., LCCE, PDT/BDT(DONA), Chair of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization and Co-chair of the International Childbirth Initiative

    An essential guide for all who support childbirth. Claudia's incredible wisdom and knowledge of yin and yang balance, acupressure, emotions and spirit provides an expansive view of how to provide comfort and increase pleasure for your clients. This book is perfect for those looking to enhance their skills for addressing challenges in labor, as well as to support ease and balance for every Mother-Baby dyad before, during and after birth.
  • Sarah Budd MBAcC, Midwife and Acupuncturist

    As a midwife and acupuncturist that introduced Acupuncture to a busy UK obstetric unit in the 1980s, this fantastic book makes me want to go back and attend births all over again! I wish I had known some of the techniques that Dr Citkovitz shares here. Covering all angles, and nicely illustrated by case histories, it will be invaluable to all who attend births, introducing new information about what this system of medicine has to offer. I fully endorse this inspiring publication.