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Aromatica Volume 2

A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics. Applications and Profiles
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The second volume in the Aromatica series builds on the fundamentals found in Volume 1: Principles and Profiles. This comprehensive clinical text delves further into the different profiles of essential oils and the proper applications for physiological and psychological functions as well as energetic and Chinese Medicines.

Packed with charts depicting different functions and methods of administration, and an extensive catalogue of 40 new essential oil profiles, this is an indispensable guide for all complementary medicine practitioners.
  • Published: Sep 12 2019
  • 258 x 196mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193048
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Press Reviews

  • Jennifer Peace Rhind, author, mentor and essential oil consultant

    Prepare for a paradigm shift in the world of essential oil therapy. In Aromatica Volume 2, the dichotomy between the vitalistic and scientific/analytic philosophies which has overshadowed clinical practice for many years is finally resolved. A new way of approaching clinical practice is presented - one which integrates the diagnostic principles of traditional Chinese, Greek, Japanese Kampo and Ayurvedic medicine with empirical and scientific evidence which informs the clinical use of essential oils. This is a masterpiece, and highly recommended for all serious practitioners of essential oil therapy.
  • Gabriel Mojay, Founding Co-Chair of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and author of 'Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit'

    In this eagerly awaited second volume, Peter Holmes applies decades of clinical experience and scholarly endeavour to a field of plant therapy in need of the very insights that inform the book. Aromatica blends advanced aromatherapy, Chinese medicine and clinical expertise to yield an illuminating and accessible approach to Integrative Essential Oil Therapeutics.
  • Jonathan Treasure, Medical Herbalist, Oregon

    Holmes' Energetics has been a valuable reference in my clinical work for 30 years. Peter is one of the rare thought leaders in herbalism who understand that history, philosophy and science are all essential prerequisites for precision parsing of the materia medica into clinical practice. In Aromatica, Peter extends his tried and tested approach to (his beloved) essential oils - and aromatherapy will be all the richer.
  • Inga Wieser, ND, MS, APAIA, MH, President of Alliance of International Aromatherapists

    Here is the perfect book for the advanced aromatherapist who is interested in applying energetics within their aromatic practice. Holmes provides not only the introduction into aromatic energetics, but then follows up with oil energetics in the Materia Aromatica. The crowning glory is all the safety information given in methods of essential oil delivery.
  • Ron Guba, Aromatic Medicine educator, and Director of the Center for Aromatic Medicine, Melbourne, Australia

    There are a relative handful of 'must have' books on the therapeutic use of essential oils that I keep on my main bookshelf for easy reference and study. Peter's Aromatica Vol. 1 and now Vol. 2 are definitely on this short list! Highly recommended for any practitioner truly interested in essential oil therapy. Peter's knowledgeable blending of the physical & energetic qualities of essential oils using both Western and Eastern approaches gives a comprehensive overview of the therapeutic benefits of each essential oil covered in his profiles.
  • Charles Lev, L.Ac., Acupuncturist and Instructor with Oregon Health & Science University

    Another Peter Holmes integrative masterpiece now graces the bookshelves of our collective holistic medicine library. With the arrival of Aromatica Volume 2 Peter has brought to completion an offering that will inform, inspire and deepen the clinical bearing of practitioners working with essential oils for years to come. His profiles of these aromatic plants include physiological and psychological functions, biochemistry, research, Chinese medicine applications and a treasury of remarks that locate each oil's place in the geography, culture, history and healing traditions of the world's civilizations. In these pages the reader enjoys access to an abundance of immanently useful botanical wisdom that opens up a powerful range of clinical options for working with our global assembly of healing aromatic plants.