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Awakening Somatic Intelligence

Understanding, Learning & Practicing the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method & Hatha Yoga
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Focussing on distinct body practice from a range of different methods, Graeme Lynn demonstrates how to use the physical body to encourage general health and wellbeing. Starting with the fundamental concepts of movement to more advanced practice, this book will serve as a comprehensive guide to developing the physical body to transform the quality of movement, and bring greater pleasure and effectiveness into every action.

Specific lessons include The Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method, and Hatha Yoga. Describing the core benefits of these methods, why they complement each other and how to use them, this is essential reading for students and practitioners of somatic methods as well as anyone interested in learning new ways to optimise health and wellbeing.
  • Published: Oct 21 2016
  • Pages: 208
  • 229 x 163mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193345
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Press Reviews

  • Marta Hunter, senior Alexander Technique teacher and trainer, Vancouver, BC

    I have known Graeme Lynn for over 35 years and his lifetime's study of somatic methodology shines through in this volume, "Awakening Somatic Intelligence". Graeme has brought together three unique streams of thought and practice in an exemplary fashion. A treasure chest for the neophyte but equally valuable to the experienced practitioner. An important book to include on one's journey toward conscious awareness.
  • Al Wadleigh, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, owner of

    Through his uncommonly broad experience and practice with the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Hatha yoga, Rolfing and Hanna Somatics, Graeme Lynn has clarified the underlying principles that unify them. In this thoughtful and insightful analysis, Graeme effectively highlights their similarities and differences and provides the reader with interesting and practical exploratory exercises to deepen self-understanding . His book is a 'must read' for both experienced practitioners and also for those interested in improving the quality of functional life.
  • David Zemach-Bersin, senior Feldenkrais practitioner and trainer, Feldenkrais Institute of New York, and original student of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais

    Graeme Lynn is a somatic integrationist, melding the ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais, F.M. Alexander and Hatha Yoga into a valuable resource for both the knowledgeable and the initiates among us. At the centre of this book lies learning, awareness and the basic principles of good self-organization. Enjoy this book and improve your health
  • Carolyn Nicholls, AT teacher, head of training at Brighton Alexander Technique College, and author of Body Breath and Being, and The Posture Workbook

    Informative and insightful. If you are interested in how you move, breathe and think, this is the book for you. Lynn's wide ranging experience and years of explorative study is clearly presented and delivered. Read it and learn more about yourself.