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Ba Zi - The Four Pillars of Destiny

Understanding Character, Relationships and Potential Through Chinese Astrology
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This westerner's guide to Chinese astrology (Ba Zi) explains the basis on which charts are drawn up, how they work, and how they provide the tools to understand ourselves and our relationships with others.

Ba Zi is the art of understanding the energies present in a person's life from birth to death and how these energies impact on their behaviour and interactions. As well as providing an explanation of how to draw up and interpret a basic chart, the book provides detailed information on the different character types and their strengths and weaknesses, including useful tips on likely health weaknesses and what can be done to address them. Foundational information on yin and yang and the five elements is also included, essential to understanding the principles of Ba Zi.

Accessible for beginners and providing rich explanations for anyone more experienced, this book will be an intriguing and helpful read for anyone interested in the art of astrology.
  • Published: Sep 21 2016
  • Pages: 152
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781848192904
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Press Reviews

  • Arnaud Bouvet, Chief Marketing Officer at Cubiks and Business Psychologist

    Serge Augier's understanding of the Ba Zi is second to none. Not only does he make complex and profound knowledge accessible to everyone, he also gives a clear methodology on how to use Ba Zi to manage your everyday life. It really is a life transforming book!
  • Caroline Chéneau, Clinical Psychologist, Coach and Intercultural Specialist

    As a specialist in human behaviour, I need tools that work. And this is what Serge Augier's Ba Zi does! It gives impactful insights on people's drivers and inner tensions, which are easily used to initiate change. This book will provide you with invaluable information that will shed light on your personality like no other.
  • Sébastien Nunes, Head of Innovation and Fintech at a leading European bank

    Ba Zi is one of the powerful and secret arts of the Ba Men Da Xuan tradition. It allows us to better understand who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, our resources and aspirations, but also our potential and how we manage our relationships with others. A better understanding of these elements allows us to enjoy a smooth life and to increase our chances of success.
  • Xavier D, VP of Corialis, Oil and Gas Company Partners

    During the process of selling our company and negotiating with the leading firms, Serge Augier's Ba Zi really helped. He could tell us what to do and when, and even tell us the feeling of the meetings in advance. That was incredible, especially for those of us who don't believe in astrology. We sold better and sooner because of his advice. His understanding of Ba Zi is really amazing.