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Breathe, Rest, Recover

Yoga Therapy for Healing from Long Covid and Fatigue
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Long Covid symptoms can often leave people feeling incredibly fatigued and stressed, and conventional yoga practice may not be suitable for their needs or ability. This practice-based guide addresses the symptoms of Long Covid and fatigue directly and offers adapted techniques to help yoga therapists and health professionals work with clients struggling with their symptoms.
Beginning with an initial theoretical explanation of the science behind Long Covid, each subsequent chapter focusses on different elements of this condition and offers scripted practices that professionals may read aloud or adapt as needed. Themes include a trauma-informed approach to stress, breathing techniques, how to rest, making a kind connection to the body, pacing vs moving, the five pranas, and working with the chakras to increase energy. Each section maintains a focus on helping clients reduce and better manage their symptoms in order to heal, with one chapter dedicated entirely to supporting children with Long Covid.
This guide is an imperative resource for health professionals and yoga therapists on how to guide students struggling with Long Covid and fatigue symptoms in a way that won't exacerbate their conditions.
  • Published: Nov 21 2024
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN: 9781839975721
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Anna Porter GP with a Special Interest in Long Covid (and lived experience)

    The perfect antidote to the (sometimes) reductive tendences of modern medicine, this thoughtful and compassionate book blends evidence-based science with ancient practices in a truly holistic manual. The journey to acceptance or recovery can be a lonely one, and this book will provide those suffering an empathetic and hopeful hand to hold during what can be dark days. It is an invaluable resource for yoga therapists, therapists, and healthcare professionals as well as patients experiencing symptoms of Long Covid or any chronic disease. Through practical exercises, we are gently guided in how we might access the tools we have within ourselves to directly influence and heal the inflamed or dysregulated autonomic nervous symptoms, regaining mind-body coherence and allowing for recovery. In the same way that motor and sensory nerves can be rehabilitated after injury, so too can autonomic nerves. The techniques described in this book are accessible, easy to follow and safe.
  • Simon Low, Principal of The Yoga Academy & co-founder of Triyoga & Santillan Retreat

    Through personal experience and extensive research Fiona Agombar and Nadyne McKie offer a resource for hope, inspiration, understanding, support and healing to the millions of people around the world suffering with chronic fatigue, depression, and the debilitating effects of Long Covid. They have skilfully tackled what are worldwide epidemics affecting the lives of millions of men, women and even children; reaching all with soothing, understanding and supportive voices; sharing personal experience, extensive research and intelligent and accessible practical guidance toward a return to wellbeing, ease and recovery. In fact, this is a book for everybody in today's stressful world!
  • Tom Granger, health author & Founder of Aria Breath

    Important and timely. Breathe, Rest, Recover is a beacon of hope for anyone battling chronic fatigue or long covid. Seamlessly blending yoga wisdom with modern science, this enlightening companion offers clear, compassionate guidance for those looking to heal. A transformative read!
  • Tamsin Betts, retired GP, yoga teacher, personal development and career coach.

    I loved this book. As ever, Fiona Agombar and Nadyne McKie write clearly and with great compassion. It is accessible for both yoga teachers wanting to support their teaching for all students suffering with fatigue, but also for students themselves, blending scientific evidence with yoga philosophy and ancient teachings. There are several simple practices described, all of which I tried myself and felt great benefits. This is an important and useful book for not only those living with long covid but for anyone teaching and living in our fast-paced world.
  • Dr Stephanie Minchin aka The Yoga Psychologist, Founder of House of Yoga Psychology

    A powerful piece of literature for the world of Yoga Therapy! This book beautifully blends science and spirituality, helping the reader to make sense of the complexity of Long Covid, with scientific evidence and theoretical knowledge complimented with gentle accessible Yoga Therapy practices. The authors thoughtfully address interests of both audiences, encouraging those that struggle with Long Covid to embody practices for recovery, as well as supporting therapists to sensitively expand their understanding and skills in a trauma-informed approach. It is a great contribution both to the academic literature and expanding knowledge base of Yoga Therapy but most importantly to the community whom it serves, clients and professionals alike! A fantastic, inspired and informative read, essential for healing from and working with Long Covid!