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Centered, Second Edition

Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques
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The second edition of Centered offers movement practitioners an interdisciplinary approach to physical training that combines the newest advances in science, adaptative biotensegrity principles, and the synthesis of Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic® and fitness disciplines integral to the Madeline Black Method™. It clearly explains the complex system of human movement patterns based on gait, weaving together movement science, embodiment practices, movement re-education, and manual skills techniques. The text is generously illustrated with 476 color photos and 25 new color illustrations that together provide movement practitioners with the knowledge and practical exercises to advance their work through the most effective structural and functional movement practices for their clients.

Centered 2e is also applicable for the client who wishes to experience their body and develop self-help movement and mindful strategies.

Centered 2e provides:

easy to follow practical how to' exercises and advanced techniques

46 video links for in-depth study and practice of the techniques in action

corrective movement sequences both with and without Pilates apparatus

an understanding of movement patterning from clear descriptions and examples

practice assessment techniques to easily observe movement strategies

how to discover and address the assessment findings and change strategies

embodiment opportunities to explore the methodology

accessible home program sequences for your clients

ways to practice session sequences after each section

Centered 2e is the manual for any teacher of movement (Pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts, Gyrotonic®), physical trainers, physical therapists, movement practitioners and bodyworkers. Chiropractors, osteopaths, and orthopedic doctors will also gain insights from this book.
  • Published: Jan 25 2022
  • Pages: 400
  • 244 x 190mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085958
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