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Experiential Anatomy

Therapeutic Applications of Embodied Movement and Awareness
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Experiential anatomy is an embodied learning method integrating interoceptive awareness and conscious movement to support whole-person healing. It takes a holistic, subjective approach, viewing the body as a doorway into deeper self-awareness and self-understanding that can support greater agency and restore mind-body balance and health. Focused intellectual learning and gentle somatic inquiry are interwoven to engage students multidimensionally.

This illustrated guide to therapeutic applications of experiential anatomy uses yoga therapy as a framework for somatic exploration. After introducing key foundational and learning principles, subsequent chapters simplify complex anatomical information into digestible components that are integrated into accessible therapeutic practices. Each experiential chapter contains a wealth of explorations incorporating breath, self-palpation, somatic inquiry, and yoga postures to strengthen a felt sense of anatomical parts, their interrelationships, and their connection to the multidimensional Whole. The simple embodied practices access inner wisdom and strengthen self-regulation.

This book will help bodywork and movement teachers and therapists work with clients and students to cultivate interoceptive awareness and compassionately repattern habits of breath, alignment, movement, and mind.
  • Published: Jul 18 2024
  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 9781913426217
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