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Intention and Non-Doing in Therapeutic Bodywork

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Exploring the Buddhist/Taoist concept of non-doing and intention in relation to bodywork, this book focuses on how the therapist should approach their client without agenda and meet them where they are at. This requires the therapist to pay attention to their own surfacing intentions and leave assumptions behind so they may focus on simply 'being', which is a profoundly active, non-reactive expression of presence, rather than a passive state of resignation. The ramifications of sub-conscious doing and wilful intention can negatively impact expressions of health and so the author explains how therapists may skilfully navigate between intention, attention and embodied non-doing whilst treating clients, and how this creates the foundations for safe relational touch.
  • Published: Sep 21 2021
  • Pages: 272
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758988
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Press Reviews

  • David Berceli, Ph.D., CEO of Trauma Recovery Services and Creator of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

    Another book worthy of reading. Andrew Pike condenses, in a brilliant manner, complex and often confusing subjects of intention and sensations. Promoting slowing down, being aware and noticing are very difficult and under-appreciated practices in our fast-paced global society. He explains how these human experiences should be considered an essential practice and not a simple luxury. Best of all he guides the reader through the simple process of accessing a quiet, deeper, inner sense of self that assists us to deal with a culture of rampant speed and unrelenting bombardment of external noise and disturbances.
  • Kit Laughlin, M. Litt., Founder of Stretch Therapy and author of Overcome neck & back pain.

    Although Andy Pike's new book is entitled, "Intention & Non-Doing in Therapeutic Bodywork", I believe the work deserves a much wider, more general audience. For 'Intention and Non-doing in Therapeutic Bodywork' is a blueprint, complete with a large number of immediately practical exercises, for how to be a better human being, more present, more often, and less reactive in the process. Recommended.
  • Janet McGeever, Co-author of Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal

    This deeply inquiring work invites the therapist to value not only the acutely subtle world of touch, but to self-inquire into the unseen yet palpable inner presence needed to bring an underlying truth and wholeness to the work between therapist and client. Practical exercises throughout help one embody the ultimate elegant simplicity of this approach. A beautiful, insightful masterpiece and guide for anyone working in a body-based therapeutic environment.
  • Dr Graham Mead, MD, Creator of the InnerSense Program

    It is unusual to come across a mind that can delve so deeply into such an ethereal subject while simultaneously insisting on the embodiment of the truths discovered. You will feel Andy's insight throughout this book...his inspiring words, delicate descriptions and creative metaphors...they are alive, as is the essence they carry.
  • Ryan Hallford, RCST. Host of The Craniosacral Podcast and Internationally Accredited BCST Instructor

    In this book Andy skilfully takes us into the detailed and nuanced world of sensation-based awareness, leading readers to greater richness, clarity, and efficacy in their work. This text is a tremendous gift to astute bodyworkers who recognize the limitations of technique-based work and are ready to explore deeper states of therapeutic insight.