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Maps of the Soul
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Meridians are the bridge between the psyche and soma, the system that allows our life force to flow through our body. Each of the twelve main meridians stand for a fundamental life principle and by examining them, we can begin a journey towards better health- as well as freedom and contentment.

In this inspirational, easy-to-read deep dive, Mike Mandl uses his own wit and humour to explore the life principles of the meridians and offers a toolbox for self-diagnostic purposes, demonstrating how to strengthen these principles, correct imbalances, and keep in harmony with yourself through daily observation and maintenance.

Translating the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into an engaging, accessible resource for practitioners and novices alike, this is the perfect first step in harnessing the meridians for your own self-actualisation.
  • Published: Feb 21 2023
  • Pages: 272
  • 226 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839976711
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Press Reviews

  • Nick Pole author of ‘Words That Touch - How to ask questions your body can answer’ (Singing Dragon, 2017)

    This is the liveliest, most accessible guidebook you are ever likely to find to those invisible bridges between mind and matter, psyche and soul: the 'meridians' of Chinese medicine. Mike Mandl combines decades of clinical experience with his writer's ear for the everyday metaphors that confirm the lived reality of these invisible pathways. Be prepared for unsettling and enlightening moments as you recognize friends, loved ones, colleagues and - most importantly - yourself, in the mirror of these pages!
  • Chris McAlister, practitioner and instructor of Oriental medicine, Qigong and Taiji for over 30 years, author of The Poetry of Touch: Alchemy, Transformation and Oriental Medicine.

    The Meridians by Mike Mandl is like a precious jewel. It sits comfortably in your hand and gleams uniformly as you roll it around your palm. It shines with the polish of long practice and gradually accrued wisdom. It pleases the eye with its many-sided beauty and rolls rhythmically as you examine first one angle and then the next. Regardless of perspective, this gem gleams with agile wit and humour that only dedicated and good humoured experience can bestow. This book will delight anyone interested in the central facet of Oriental medicine - the magic of the meridians.