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Myofascial Magic in Action

A Movement Practitioner’s Guide to How the Body Really Moves
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Myofascial Magic in Action is the first of five books explaining how fascia relates fundamentally to human movement and changes all that we thought we knew. Joanne Avison's explanations are straightforward and accessible while exploring keys to balance, poise, ease of motion, longevity, resilience and the natural magic of this incredible tissue network within EVERY human body. In this book, you will discover the magic of how myofascia (particularly) and fascia (universally) design individual shape and motion. You will uncover the "5 Rs of myofascial magic":

- Rebound - how we use the ground as a free resource
- Recoil - how the human blueprint relies on it for well-being
- Release - how everyone has access to (metabolically) free elastic energy
- Restore - how every age and stage of fitness and ability can be optimised
- Refine - how to optimise whatever is best for the individual, however they are at the time

Learning about the intricate and fascinating web of connective tissue, known as the fascia, will transform your practice and the way you perceive the human body and the beings you work with. As a practitioner, regardless of modality, this serves the keys to optimising programmes for different clients. This is a fantastic resource for yoga teachers, therapists, and movement professionals as well as manual therapists looking for small micro-movements to give their clients for homework. Distinguish where the magic happens, from the inside out.
  • Published: Dec 19 2024
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 9781839977756
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Darrell Evans, BSc, PhD, Anatomist and Embryologist, University of Newcastle, Australia.

    Insightful, interesting, and engaging. Joanne's new book embarks on a magical journey of discovery into the world of myofascia. Joanne and her contributors use historical perspective, shrewd metaphors, and creative and practical ideas to demonstrate the fundamental importance of myofascia in enabling movement and thus its contribution to our being.
  • Carol M Davis, Professor Emerita, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

    Fracturing old, outdated ideas, Avison offers an eloquent, leading-edge account of the art and science of fasciategrity, embellished with her whimsical drawings and a flowing narrative, which delivers a heightened level of enjoyment and awareness to movement theory and practice. A true gift.
  • Jan Trewartha, Director of The Fascia Hub

    "What if we discovered that all we've been learning about anatomy these last 400 years is based on a metaphor that is, simply, wrong?" It's the 21st century and an exquisite new world of understanding awaits us - take this journey with Avison and never look back.
  • Paul Kaye, DSS, President of MSIA

    In this wonderful, clarifying book, Joanne lays out for us the mystery, magic, music, and majesty of fascia in her accessible, fun, uncompromising, and lyrical style. Joanne brings a rare artistic sensibility to the subject. Rather than being distanced from our fascia we enter into it and become friends with its intelligence, a process essential for our health and wellbeing as we move and breathe with our fascia; it protects us and is an interface with our subtle, energy body. This book is an essential read for knowing our bodies and ourselves.