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Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way

Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice from Chinese Medicine
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Combining the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine with modern nutritional science, this book explores the concept of Yang Sheng, which means to nourish life by nurturing body, mind and spirit in harmony with the natural rhythms and universal laws, revealing the importance of nutrition within it and outlining how our modern lifestyle and environment challenges our ability to do that.

A perfect guide for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine, the book explains modern diets and Chinese nutritional theory with a focus on prevention of illness and the impact of lifestyle and environment on our health during each stage of life. Lifestyle and nutritional advice for prevention and treatment of a range of illnesses and conditions is given for both adults and children.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • Pages: 288
  • 252 x 176mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193376
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Press Reviews

  • Sybill Huessen, M.S. TCM – Senior Instructor of the Shen-Hammer-System of Pulse Diagnosis

    What an amazing source of information as well as a fabulous contribution to anybody interested in East Asian Healing Arts! This book is a no-nonsense guideline to manoeuvre through the jungle of lifestyle advice keeping in mind historical perspectives, scientific facts and modern diversity. I can't wait to use this fantastic asset in my practice!
  • Eva-Marie Janelo, Practitioner of Chinese medicine, Author

    As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, the treatment I give is only a first step. The most important, but also often the most difficult, is to teach the client how to preserve the newfound health. Deirdre Courtney's book Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way is a practical guide that describes in a very educational way how to provide simple diet and lifestyle advice to my clients. A masterpiece that builds bridges between our western lifestyle and millennial knowledge from the East.
  • Mandy Monaghan, Health & Wellness Coach

    Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way is a gem. In a world plagued by increasing levels of diseases which are directly created and effected by lifestyle practitioners will need to guide their clients through a whole host of diet and lifestyle interventions on top of their treatment plans. Having a quick reference guide to dip into is wonderful to guide clients/patients along their path to wellness. What Deirdre highlights beautifully in this book is compassion for self in order to have compassion for your clients as you guide them through treatment. Something we as coaches and practitioners need to be mindful of as we all navigate the illness wellness continuum. A timely book full of ancient wisdom for our modern and a crazy world!
  • Gali Stoffman, MD, Head of Chinese Medicine Service, Barzilai Medical Center, Director of Panda Integrative Pediatric clinic, Israel

    Deirdre Courtney's book comes as a refreshing, clear reminder of how we should all strive to live our lives: true to our nature, in rhythm and balance with ourselves and our surroundings. Full to the brim with practical and useful advice, based on Deirdre's profound understanding of what good health really means, this inspiring book is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of patients and healers alike.
  • Marijke Pfeiffer, co-director TCM-postgraduate & member of the board of TCM Academy Netherlands

    Deirdre has written a very inspiring book which is so enthralling that I have read it in one go. It is a real page turner and makes you long for more. It is very engagingly written, and this excellent book should be read by every TCM-practitioners. Warmly recommended!