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Oral Health and Systemic Disease

A Clinical Guide for Nutritional Therapists and Functional Medicine Practitioners
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Covering specific mouth and dental conditions such as ulcers, halitosis and tooth grinding, this book recognises the link between these conditions and systemic diseases. It provides a review of some aspects of the basic anatomy and physiology of the mouth and teeth, such as biofilms, quorum sensing and cavitations, alongside information from current research. The book also includes discussion of the impact of natural ageing processes, satiety and taste perception as these associate with oral (and systemic) health.

Discussing associations to systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes, the book offers scientifically evidenced protocol possibilities and a balanced viewpoint.

With practical guidance and theory, Oral Health and Systemic Disease is the go-to resource for nutritional therapists and functional medicine practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of mouth and dental health issues.
  • Published: Jan 21 2022
  • Pages: 320
  • 252 x 178mm
  • ISBN: 9781848194113
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Press Reviews

  • Shona Wilkinson, Registered Nutritionist, mBANT mCNHC

    I found this book invaluable to read. It helped me have a greater understanding of the role the oral cavity may play in overall health. Of particular interest is the information on microbial ecology and oral health. I would highly recommend this book to practitioners. A great read!
  • Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, fBANT mCNHC, Registered Nutritionist and Author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, Former President, Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine

    This book is unique in examining oral health from a personalised health viewpoint and is set to be an invaluable resource for practitioners. It is written in a way that makes the information accessible and covers such a wide range of topics including gut dysbiosis and inflammation showing how poor oral health can have an enormous impact on a person's general health and chronic conditions.
  • Louise Joyce - Naturopath, CCO at invivo Healthcare and Microbiome Guardian

    Oral health is often approached in isolation to systemic health however it is interconnected to all body systems. Oral care and a balanced oral microbiome is essential for whole body wellbeing.