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Pilates Applications for Health Conditions

Programs and Perspectives
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Movement is recognized as a positive contributor to lengthening health span and supporting vitality. However, optimal movement practices for the individual needs of different health conditions have not yet been thoroughly explored.

This pioneering book examines 24 health conditions, each one illustrating in detail how movement sequences improve gait, balance, efficiency, and quality of life. Each chapter is an exemplar of how to tailor movement practices to specific situations, while providing information immediately applicable to movement and health practitioners in clinical practice, movement centers, home practice and online sessions.

A comprehensive reference designed for Pilates teachers, movement educators, manual therapists, continuing education providers and teachers-in-training advances professional efficacy. Expert contributors integrate the movement vocabulary of J.H. Pilates with influences from current interdisciplinary methodologies and research. For a buoyant experience that increases neural resources intersperse reading with movement practices.
  • Published: Sep 19 2024
  • Pages: 544
  • ISBN: 9781912085972
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