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Pilates-Based Movement for Menopause

A Guide for Teachers and Practitioners
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Aug 21, 2024

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Demystify menopause and discover how Pilates and movement practices can empower your students who are at this stage of life with this expert guide. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, Dinah Siman aims to impassion Pilates and movement teachers to celebrate menopause and give confidence to support students during this transformative phase.
Teaching clients going through perimenopause requires some additional learning to ensure safety and encouragement to make the most of this new phase of life. Through real-life case studies, evidence-based information, and examples of Pilates-inspired movement exercises, you'll gain a working knowledge of menopause symptoms and terminology, understand the role of hormones, and learn about the positive impact that Pilates-inspired movement can have on students.
  • Published: Aug 21 2024
  • Pages: 240
  • 246 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781913426675
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Press Reviews

  • Brent D. Anderson PhD, PT, OCS, NCPT CEO/Founder of Polestar Pilates, Assistant Professor University of St. Augustine for Health Science, Author of Principles of Movement 2024 Slack Inc.

    Dinah has written a MUST READ for all Pilates teachers, Pilates enthusiasts and movement professionals. The science, the stories, examples, and activities are beautifully designed to empower the reader with knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of life for all people preparing for, going through or on the other side of menopause.
  • Dr Radhika Vohra, GP

    Midlife is a crucial stage for change as hormones affect all aspects of health and wellbeing. Whatever your personal choices, this book is a solid pillar of education, signposting and support for all.
  • Tracey Mallett, Pilates & Wellness Expert

    This book is a must read for ALL women going through menopause and even before we hit this stage. A solid detailed explanation of what to expect and how Pilates with gentle movement will improve symptoms. I highly recommend Dinah's book for her beautiful and well documented Pilates program for ALL walks of life. Excited to recommend to my students!