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Restorative Yoga

Power, Presence and Practice for Teachers and Trainees
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From Anna Ashby, one of the first yoga teachers in the UK to offer this style, comes a complete overview of restorative yoga for teachers, trainees and experienced students.

Arranged into three sections, the book is designed to help readers understand the history, purpose and characteristics of the practice; its feel and expression with an emphasis on breath, process and introspection; and how to structure a successful practice. Each section ends with self-enquiry and breath exploration so teachers can practically apply the knowledge shared in each chapter and build a framework for a successful teaching practice.

Helping the reader to understand their own patterns of behaviour and cultural imprints, which may interfere with the ability to downshift the nervous system and ultimately relax, Restorative Yoga supplies all the necessary preparations to successfully teach this style of yoga.
  • Published: Mar 21 2022
  • Pages: 240
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781787757394
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Press Reviews

  • Nadia Narain, Co-Author of the best selling book Self-care for the Real World

    Anna is one of my favourite teachers of all time. She is a teacher's teacher as well as has the ability to keep things simple and straight talking. It was in her restorative classes that I had the "restorative light bulb moment". As I have gotten older, having a restorative practice and a meditation practice has been essential to my mental and physical self-care practice. Anna has the ability to explain the benefits of the restorative practice and understand how important it is to pay attention to the nervous system in such a way that you shift your perspective. We have spent our life time learning how important "doing" is. Anna is reminding us of the importance of "being". This book is a wonderful book to keep in your library as a teacher and as a practitioner.
  • Max Strom Author of “A life Worth Breathing,” 3x TEDx speaker, and global teacher of yoga and healing breathing patterns

    I believe that Anna Ashby's important book is destined to become a classic and the signature book on restorative yoga. A much needed guide in this age of chaos and stress.
  • John Stirk, Author of The Original Body (Primal movement for Yoga teachers) and Deeper Still (Authentic Embodiment for Yoga Teachers)

    This considered book is a timely reminder that the essence of Yoga is by definition restorative. Anna Ashby's years of practice and teaching reflected in her inspired writing, not only point the way to a profoundly authentic yoga experience, but make you want to get out the props and accept her invitation there and then. A valuable contribution to the profession.
  • Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

    Anna Ashby's approach to restorative practice reflects not only her years of practice, but the nuance and wisdom she brings to everything she teaches. Highly recommended.
  • Rodney Yee, International yoga teacher Co director of UZIT

    Relaxation and alertness, together are the axis in which a joyful, peaceful and compassionate life spins. How does one refine the ability to drop into this combined state of being? This is the task Anna has taken on in her Restorative Yoga Book and she has succeeded profoundly. She answers the why and the how and leaves us with a practice manual essential for everyday sanity and health.