Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

Melding Daoist Practices into Daily Life


In the third volume of Wang Yun's best selling Qingcheng Mountain series, the reader returns from the proverbial mountain to blend their Daoist meditation seamlessly into the every-day.

Lofty Daoist exercises and philosophies are made graspable and usable in Wang Yun's effort to translate the old teachings on how to apply the mindset and skills of Daoist meditation, alchemy and qigong to handle all affairs of life. To this end, Returning from Qingcheng Mountain spins a blend of rare tales from Daoist lore, straightforward explanations of ways to shape the body and mind, and inspiring stories from Wang Yun's own practice path.

To 'remain natural in all things' is the tenet that pervades every page, an eternal invitation toward being at ease, no matter the circumstances. By doing so, one returns to the world out there and handles mundane matters with poise and efficiency, transforming all the challenges and joys and relationships of daily life into a practice, a meditation, and a chance to grow and develop one's spirit, and by token, the body.

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Press reviews for: Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

Master Serge Augier, Author of 'Bazi - The Four Pillars of Destiny'

Wang Yun shares with us a beautiful and practical quest on Daoist Cultivation. Enjoyable to read and incredibly informative, this is a great book. I have been practicing for 40 years and it must be the first book that reminded me of my personal quest...well done! This is a must read for Daoist enthusiasts!

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