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Svadhyaya Breath Journal

A Companion Workbook to Restoring Prana
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Svadhyaya (self-reflective) Breath Journal is a companion workbook to Restoring Prana. Restoring Prana is a training manual on transformative breathing for yoga therapists, yoga teachers and bodyworkers and it presents a new way of understanding and applying breath to a wide range of ailments.

Each chapter in Restoring Prana ends with specific practices that the reader is asked to track in a breath journal and this workbook provides a pre-formulated journal for this purpose.

This workbook follows the chapter chronology of the parent text, with the key concepts highlighted and with space for breath charts, logs and reflection..

Svadhyaya Breath Journal is the perfect companion to Restoring Prana and highlights the importance of practical application of theory discussed in the parent book.
  • Published: Aug 21 2020
  • Pages: 224
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781787752580
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Press Reviews

  • Amy Wheeler, Ph.D., Board President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (2018-2020)

    Rothenberg is taking the ancient art of pranayama and teaching it in a modern context. This journal is essential for all yoga teacher, yoga therapists and even students of yoga to use as they begin to explore the potency of their own breath patterns. Many people will be very surprised when they dig deep into the exercises that are elegantly laid out in this journal. They will find the life-force within and learn how to use breath as a tool to self-regulate.
  • Leigh Blashki, Board of Directors IAYT, C-IAYT, past-President Yoga Australia

    Pranam to Robin Rothenberg for this remarkable book! Svadhyaya Breath Journal is not just an informative text based on Robin's many years of research, practice and teaching, but a workbook that can be a daily companion for anyone sincere about restoring their prana and optimizing their health.
  • Lynn Crimando, C-IAYT, NBC-HWC, Buteyko Affiliated Practitioner

    This amazing workbook is for people who don't just want to study yogic philosophy as a system of abstract concepts, but rather wish to incorporate the teachings of yoga into their everyday lives. Robin provides a step-by-step guide for cultivating health that interweaves the philosophic wisdom of the ancients with the most current understanding of human physiology and how the body functions.
  • Claudia Kleffner, OT, C-IAYT, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Faculty of Essential Yoga Therapy Training Program

    The SBJ workbook is an accessible and effective self-study tool for any yoga teacher, yoga therapist or heath care practitioner who is interested in learning and increasing their own mastery over breathing. Robin nicely bridges what we in Western Medicine know about breathing and what yoga teaches to give the reader access to their Energetic Bank Account with the goal to bring healing to ourselves and others.
  • Lee Majewski, MA, DYEd, C-IAYT, Author and Yoga Therapist

    I see The Svadhyaya Breath Journal handbook as a perfect companion to Robin Rothenberg's Restoring Prana. This manual guides the reader step by step in transformation of intellectual information contained in Restoring Prana into experiential embodied wisdom. The book covers short explanations followed by many practices using asanas, mantras, mudras, chanting and breathing techniques. "AS yoga teaches we can change only what we are aware of" the guide focuses always on developing an understanding of our inner world and subtle body as we build awareness through recommended practices. It teaches breath/prana impact on every part of the body, emotions and mind through specific practice sequences. It is open-ended rather then prescriptive as it invites and guides one through experimentation and inner awareness. As we follow Svadhyaya Breath Journal it will make us better yoga teacher, yoga therapist and a human being.
  • Aggie Stewart, MA, C-IAYT, Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist, former Accreditation Manager at IAYT, and author of Yoga as Self-Care for Healthcare Practitioners: Cultivating Resilience, Compassion, and Empathy.

    In Svadhyaya Breath Journal, Robin Rothenberg has created the Sakti activator to her Siva volume Restoring Prana. This detailed companion workbook/journal brings each and every concept in Restoring Prana to life through specific, pragmatic, and progressive practices and questions for reflection that support the reader's experiential understanding of functional breathing, functional movement, and pranayama practices that support body/mind/spirit health. As she does so deftly in Restoring Prana, Robin masterfully braids the Western science around the respiratory function's crucial role in balanced body/mind/spirit health with the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. Whether in a training program, continuing education, or individual personal exploration, this brilliant gem is an essential experiential guide for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and therapists, and healthcare practitioners.