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The 12 Chinese Animals

Create Harmony in your Daily Life through Ancient Chinese Wisdom
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* Silver Medal Winner in the 2010 BOTYA Awards Body, Mind and Spirit Category *

The Chinese horoscope holds the key to a better understanding of self and others, and to living a life of harmony.
Not just the year of birth, but also the month, day and hour have significance in true Chinese astrology. Master Zhongxian Wu explains how to find your power animal symbols, and how to learn from their wisdom. By fully understanding what each animal signifies, and how they relate to the major hexagrams of the Yijing, he shows that they can help you to find inner peace and live in harmony with family, friends, the wider community, and with nature. Using the wisdom of the twelve animal symbols as a guide, you will learn how to better understand your personality, and make choices that profoundly influence your health, relationships, career, and finances, allowing you to live up to your greatest potential.

Making the wisdom of the twelve Chinese animals accessible to the Western reader for the first time in its relationship with the Yijing, this book will be an illuminating read for anyone interested in understanding themselves and their life patterns better, Chinese astrology, and the Yijing.
  • Published: Sep 21 2020
  • Pages: 192
  • 214 x 140mm
  • ISBN: 9781787757653
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Press Reviews

  • Eternal Spirit

    A fascinating and enjoyable read. I can thoroughly recommend this book an excellent introduction to the ancient Chinese art of astrology and divination.
  • Steve Rhodes, editor of Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Medicine (Qi Journal)

    Master Zhongxian Wu has made a complex Eastern topic accessible to the Western reader. Far beyond other sources, this book helps you understand your destiny as described by the 12 animal symbols of Yijing wisdom, helping you reach your personal potential. It helps you accurately determine your yearly, monthly and even hourly animal symbol and explains how each can affect your health, relationship, career, and finances. Master Wu writes "Life is Magic"... and this book helps you understand it.
  • Dr. Alex Feng PhD, OMD, LAc, Founder Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center, Oakland, CA

    This book offers a way to understand and experience ancient wisdom and mysticism in order to live a harmonious and joyful life. It is an excellent text book! I love the last passage - "My life is in my hands and not controlled by Fate." In order to capitalize on this truth, we all need teachers. Master Wu's book says to me, We all can achieve true autonomy, living in harmony by understanding the ancient teachings of interpersonal and intrapersonal connection with the celestial and terrestrial movements. I highly recommend this book for searchers and practitioners of the Dao.