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The Book of Games and Warm Ups for Group Leaders 2nd Edition

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Based on Shamanic principles and the philosophy that laughter and play are basic human needs that feed the soul and unleash natural creativity, the tried, tested and proven activities in this book can be used with all ages. They are helpfully split into different sections, covering everything from warm-up games to verbal improvisation games, theatre games and warm-downs. Drawing on decades of experience in this substantially revised and expanded new edition, the author shares the games, improvisations and dance structures that he has found most effective in his work as a group leader and participant, and includes tips throughout on how to be a good facilitator and run a successful group.

With lists of resources, including a musicography, the book is an inspiring and practical resource for anyone running a group.
  • Published: Oct 21 2014
  • Pages: 168
  • 216 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781848192355
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Press Reviews

  • William Bloom, author and educator in modern spirituality

    This is a wonderful, practical and inspiring book for anyone who teaches or works with groups. Filled with wisdom, insights and workable hints. Highly recommended.
  • Trisha Powell, Pink Energy

    This Book of Games is a wonderful tool for self-development. These Games can enrich your life and they can release your free child enabling you to be spontaneous, release your creativity and develop your self-awareness. Insight is gained through role play and interaction with others, yet it is non-confronting and non-judgmental. Absorbed in the moment, the creativity can be magical and fun. Leo's workshops, using these games, were always like a party, yet they changed my life and my direction. I will always treasure those times.