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The Complete Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book

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This practical and engaging coloring book helps yoga teachers and students develop their knowledge of the human body. Enhancing your yoga anatomy knowledge beyond basic training can improve your understanding of the biomechanics of the human body as well as how to reduce chances of injury. Katie Lynch covers physiology of the breath, movements of the joints, workings of the spine, shoulders and pelvis and in-depth muscle information, providing anatomical drawings to color in and so allowing learners to visually connect with the new information.

The second part of the book introduces Asana Anatomy specifically related to yoga postures, which shows the reader how to break down the knowledge and apply it to specific asanas. Featuring 100+ illustrations and backed by rigorous scientific knowledge, it is the ultimate tool for all those interested in practising yoga effectively and safely.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • Pages: 288
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781848194205
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Press Reviews

  • Sian O'Neill, Editor, Yoga Teaching Handbook and Yoga Student Handbook

    This is a comprehensive visual guide to muscles, bones, joints and movement patterns as they relate to yoga. Even for those who are less interested in colouring, the book provides a useful refresher of yoga anatomy for trainee and established teachers alike. I particularly liked the section on asana anatomy which is a handy reminder of what is happening in the body when we practise selected poses.
  • Wendy Teasdill

    Katie Lynch's Complete Yoga Anatomy Colouring Book is a happy addition to my library of yoga books. Colouring has long been recognised for its therapeutic qualities, and the mindful act of colouring in images of muscles we use every day on our yoga mat reinforces and deepens the awareness in a very gentle, considerate manner. We don't have to stress ourselves by being out-faced with long words we feel we have to remember: as if by magic, the words accompany the images we have brought to life through colouring. This awareness in turn seeps into our practice, and we are able to relate more organically with our iliopsoas as we manoeuvre from Virabhadrasana I to II, say; or we are able to more fully comprehend the incredible power of the diaphragm as we hang out in Urdhva Dhanurasana; or, having moved our nicely sharpened crayon over the attachment for the soleus muscle, it is as if switching on an inner illumination. Aha! So that's where it attaches. Last week I didn't even know it existed ... And so, as our neurons bend, flex, extend and rotate, abduct and adduct - both internally and externally - to the inner rhythm, we regress to progress. Whether one is a yoga practitioner, teacher, student, student teacher or teacher of teachers - or all of the above - this is a book worth making time for.
  • Hazel Faithfull, BWY Teacher
    This will make understanding asana and the interaction of the muscles so much easier. A must for new teachers, but will also help established teachers to re-inspire our teaching or sharpen our understanding.