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The Self-Care Guide to Surgery

A BodyMindCORE Approach to Prevention, Preparation and Recovery
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· What should we do in preparation for an upcoming surgery?
· What is the best way to recover after surgery?
· How can we be proactive and prevent the need for surgery in the first place?

Written for those who have undergone or who are about to have surgery, this guide will help readers find their way through the difficult maze of emotions, physical pain and fear. By including advice on what to do to aid recovery and reduce negative long-term effects, Karrasch teaches the reader how to take charge of the body, whether before or after surgery.

The book also includes useful information about what we can do to take care of our bodies and avoid having surgery in the first place, such as nutritional advice and gentle movement tips drawing on BodyMindCORE techniques. It is the perfect guide for those not only facing surgery and those wanting to stay healthy, but also for those who want to love and support them.
  • Published: Jan 21 2020
  • Pages: 224
  • 212 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781787751675
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Press Reviews

  • Bruce Linder, Physical Therapist

    Years ago I worked with an orthopedic surgeon who told me, 'There is no condition so bad that surgery cannot make it worse." I did not know it at the time, but that wisdom would guide me through a long career in physical therapy. Noah's book nicely explains that surgeon's advice. Find the right exercises and the right peace of mind. No matter your diagnosis, no matter your pain, if you want to understand how to best take care of your body, you need to read this book.
  • Erik Peper, Ph.D., Professor of Holistic Health, San Francisco State University, producer of the blog, the peper perspective-ideas on illness, health and well-being (

    A MUST book to read before making a decision to have surgery. It may prevent surgery or definitely reduce complications. Whether you need surgery or not, this book is a goldmine synthesizing the body-mind-emotions concepts that promote health and well-being. It integrates the wisdoms and practices from my favorite Holistic Health professionals and the sources cited are worth the cost of the book. By implementing the somatic practices, the concept of move it or loss with awareness, and the practical sense lifestyle suggestions, your health will improve. I only wish that I had read this book four years ago. It would have prevented my two-year recovery process following the complications from "simple but botched" laparoscopic hernia operation.
  • Melissa Miller Young

    Yes, relax! As a (former) Type-A, tightly wound, often overwhelmed achiever, I have found Noah to be a true guide, and his emphasis on vagal health, relaxation, and stress reduction to be literal life savers. I am healthier in so many ways because of his guidance. The Self Care Guide to Surgery is a great refresher, and not only helps people with significant health concerns, but also helps readers find balance and relax into their lives.
  • Gary Young, CNC, Zen Life Solutions

    In today's world of over-prescribed everything - complete with a rising number of unnecessary surgeries - Noah's approach to healing is spot on. While he says, "no one tool or practitioner is right for everyone, but every tool or practitioner is right for someone," The Self Care Guide to Surgery really does have something for everyone. Ultimately, this book reminds us that when we take the time to stop and listen to our bodies, they will tell us what we need to know.
  • Deana L. Layton, Ed.D., Educator and Survivor of Near Fatal Automobile Accident

    Noah Karrasch's book is a must read for everyone to be better prepared for life's challenges, and the impact these challenges have both physically and mentally on our bodies. Noah's writing has your attention from the first to the last chapter. It is easy-to-read, understand, and packed with knowledge. Having lived through emergency surgery and months of rehab due to a near fatal automobile accident, I wish Noah's book with all of the techniques he shares to speed-up recovery had been available to me then. Everyone should read and keep this book as their new go-to reference to healing their body!
  • Ralph A. Harvey, MD Family Medicine

    This is the book I will recommend to my patients before they have surgery. The doctor's view of surgery can be very limited. For optimal health, we need to look far beyond the traditional medical recommendations.