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Using Nutrigenomics within Personalized Nutrition

A Practitioner's Guide
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This is the comprehensive guide to utilising nutrigenomics in clinical practice. A cutting-edge field, nutrigenomics examines the effects of foods on gene expression. From a comprehensive patient history and appropriate testing, practitioners can work with the patient to correct underlying biochemical imbalances that may predispose to a disease, using nutrigenomics as a guidance tool.

The book covers everything a practitioner needs to know, from the difference between nutrigenomics and epigenetics to what to consider when incorporating nutrigenomics with functional medicine. The book is highly practical, guiding the reader through the realities of using genetic testing in clinical practice.
  • Published: Jul 21 2022
  • Pages: 392
  • 248 x 174mm
  • ISBN: 9781848194137
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Press Reviews

  • Alison Benbow, course leader of the Nutritional therapy MSc at University of Worcester and Nutritional Therapy Education Board member

    If you are a student or work in the arena of Nutrition, Functional or Integrative Medicine and want to know more about the complexities of working with the emerging science of Nutrigenomics in practice, then this is certainly the book for you. It is a complete package of detail, evidence, application, and practitioner competencies to underpin further training.
  • Karen Watkins Nutritional Therapist Mineral Check Ltd (HMA Testing Laboratory)

    An ideal mix of theory and practical application in-depth research applied to a detailed case history. Insightful, well written and interesting. An essential handbook for both new and experienced practitioners using or interested in genetic testing in clinical practice.
  • Clare Grundel, MSc Registered Nutritional Therapist, Science and Education Manager, BANT

    Nutrigenomics made practical. The use of one individual as a case study through out is illuminating, making the technical information accessible and real. I'm sure this book will become a desk bible for all Nutritional Therapists using nutrigenomics in their clinical practice.
  • Jess P. Armine DC, RN, Centre for BioIndividualized Medicine, USA

    In this time there is a great emphasis on genetics and its relationship to health. As the science advanced, numerous tests both genetic and functional have arisen and a new lexicon was born. Practitioners who work in this area generally speak in an impenetrable code with words like genomics, epigenetics, Nutrigenomics. Metabolomics, etc. This has led to bewilderment to both the traditional and alternative medicine practitioners as to the interpretation of the vast amount of information available and how to apply it to the individual patient. To date there has been no single source that unites the science and practical application of this very complex area...until now. Anne Pemberton has created a work that walks you through the very basics through the most advanced concepts. The utilization of case studies makes this book doubly valuable. Her Practical advice gives the practitioner and layperson direction in the generalities and specifics of treatment including test interpretation and the effects of polymorphic genes. Wisely, she explains the treatment concepts and what is important to look for in the nutraceuticals but does not advise you as to which products to buy. This takes away any bias that would be inherent in treatises that recommend particular product lines. I have been practicing in this area for close to three decades and I must say this is the most clinically useful book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. For those practicing Nutrigenomics, this is the only source you will need.