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Yoga Deconstructed®

Movement Science Principles for Teaching
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Many people are drawn to a physical yoga practice as a way to reduce stress and move more. However, because most of their time is spent at a desk, their bodies are often not prepared to perform many of the traditional physical poses.

Additionally, naturally flexible people will be drawn to the practice, because it comes easily to them. However, they frequently lack the stability needed to support their joints in these positions, which makes them vulnerable to pain and repetitive stress injuries.

Yoga Deconstructed® offers the experience of yoga with an interdisciplinary approach that integrates other movement modalities and modern movement science. This approach helps students become more well-rounded in their movements, which better prepares them for asana and improves their ability to function in everyday life.

This book teaches:

How to help students move better and reduce their risk of injury within the scope of yoga, Pilates or any other movement modality.
Regressions and progressions for human movement and yoga asana to fit the unique needs of the student.
Critical thinking skills to help students safely transition from physical therapy to group classes.
Strategies to introduce variability and neuromuscular re-education that help facilitate tissue resiliency, neuroplasticity, and new motor patterns.
How to apply a skills-based approach, instead of a lineage-based approach
Modern movement applications, including somatics, sensory feedback methods, and corrective exercise.
How to deconstruct and expand yoga asana beyond static, two-dimensional shapes to reduce the risk of hypermobility and repetitive stress injuries.
  • Published: Nov 17 2020
  • Pages: 288
  • 244 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085446
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