Yoga Radicals

A Curated Set of Inspirational Stories of Transformational Yoga by Pioneers in the Field

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Consisting of curated interviews with yoga pioneers including Gail Parker, Heather Mason and Neil Pearson, this book shows the transformational benefits of personal yoga practice and uncovers a collective deepening, resulting from accumulated practice and conscious application at scale. These interviews were collected with the 'presencing approach', used by the author in the dialogue and the interview process itself.

The yoga narratives that form the heart of the book are inspirational stories from elders who have created transformational change in their own lives, or incorporated yoga into a bigger vision to benefit society and the planet. The book also presents a toolkit of actionable steps for readers to create social action and/or change.

A unique example of moving from the 'me' consciousness to the 'we' consciousness, Yoga Radicals invites readers to join pioneers on a path of social action through personal transformation.

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Press reviews for: Yoga Radicals

Peggy Holman, Author, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity and Co-author, The Change Handbook

Curiosity, calm, clarity, compassion, co-evolution...themes from wise souls whose practices for learning and living supportour best selves and wellbeing for all. Their stories embody inspiration and possibility. As a student of systems change, I trust the body's wisdom more deeply now. Read these stories to sweeten your meditation practice.

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