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Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Aimed at yoga therapists, yoga teachers and healthcare professionals, this detailed book presents unique ways to harness energy for fatigue conditions such as Long Covid, burnout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and stress with the help of yoga therapy.

Split into four parts, the book discusses how modern-day living exacerbates stress and how it manifests itself, how healing can be approached from a yogic perspective, the solutions that yoga provides, as well as step-by-step guidance to different yoga practices developed by the author - such as breathing and meditation - that help with these issues.

Accessible and containing easy-to-follow instructions, Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome shares ancient teachings from the East that have the power to help alleviate the growing source and symptoms of fatigue.
  • Published: Nov 19 2020
  • 252 x 176mm
  • ISBN: 9781848192775
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Press Reviews

  • Elizabeth Stanley, Director, Yogacampus

    Fiona writes with humility, wisdom, and much common sense about how yoga can help these conditions, which are so prevalent. A carefully laid out and thorough guide, covering theory and a broad range of practices, this should be an essential component of any yoga teacher's toolkit - but is also totally accessible to non-teachers.
  • Simon Low, The Yoga Academy

    This exceptionally well-presented work of heart is a companion that tackles the debilitating challenges of so many human beings' daily lives. Fiona's experience and research are woven within her heartfelt support and practical guidance. This important new work intelligently reveals yoga's therapeutic wisdom with great clarity, talking to you as you are. A book for right now.
  • Jyoti Jo Manuel - Founder Special Yoga

    This book is filled with not only Fiona's phenomenal depth of knowledge but also her wisdom. Both her experience with CF and her understanding of yoga as a therapeutic practise offer great information and potential for healing for those working with people with ME/CFS and also for those who are suffering with it.
  • Tony Wrighton, Sky Sports presenter, author and host of Zestology podcast

    I suffered from complete burnout a few years ago, and spent a few months in bed unable to do anything much. I wish I'd had Fiona's book back then. I'm fully on board with her recommendations for mindful gentle healing, and I hope this book helps you to re-energise and recover.
  • Dr Tamsin Betts, yoga therapist and former GP

    I loved this book. I work as a yoga therapist with lots of different groups of people with differing chronic diseases, including CFS, MS and Parkinson's. Fiona has explained clearly the impact of stress on the body, both physically and mentally. We all live in a stressful world and the impact is felt by all. This book would be useful for all yoga teachers and for those who have an interest in how to help the effects of stress and resulting fatigue using yoga, not just those working with students with CFS.
  • Heather Mason

    This is a highly engaging and vital text for yoga therapists, health professionals working with ME/CFS, and those seeking their own healing strategies for stress, burnout and ME/CFS. Agombar deftly weaves together the most current scientific theories and understanding of ME/CFS with yogic philosophical perceptions; brilliantly elucidating how yoga therapy's multi-dimensional nature meets offers so much to those with ME/CFS. This approach could be easily applied by yoga therapists to any health condition. Her reflections on ill health and healing should inspire all of us to consider how we live in the modern world, what health actually means, and how to gently find our way back to greater wellness in a mode that is personally meaningful. It is going to be required reading at the Minded Institute.